13.04 – Distribution and Commercial Contracts – KOR


Over several decades, we have acquired solid expertise in the fields of distribution and commercial law and have been able to advise companies from a wide variety of sectors (fishing tackle, tractors, cosmetics, automotive, wines, food products, entertainment, etc.) in relation with the setting up and defense of their distribution networks and commercial contracts.

We review, draft and negotiate a wide variety of commercial contracts on behalf of a range of clients from start-ups to multinational companies.

We offer specialist legal and sectoral knowledge in important areas such as intellectual property and competition law and bring to bear a thorough knowledge of the industrial, retail and consumer, industrial and digital sectors. This enables our firm to provide commercial advice in context, with an eye to avoiding the pitfalls of anti-competition infringement and protecting our clients’ trademarks.

Thanks to our international reach, some overseas law firms refer also clients to us for our commercial expertise and we can advise overseas clients on international contracts which are governed by French law.

We offer our clients the following legal services:

Distribution networks and commercial contracts

  • Implementation of distribution networks at French and European level: exclusive distribution, selective distribution, franchise, commercial agency, etc. ;
  • Legal advice for the development of your international distribution network;
  • Audit and compliance of our clients’ distribution contracts;
  • Negotiation and drafting of various commercial contracts: license agreement, know-how transfer contract, standard conditions of sale, standard conditions of purchase, international sale agreement, long term supply agreement, agency, etc.

Online business

  • Legal advice in connection with the creation and management of BtoB and BtoC websites and marketplaces;
  • Study of the legal viability of our clients’ e-commerce projects;
  • Drafting of standard conditions of use, standard conditions of service, privacy policy, etc.;
  • GDPR compliance audits and advice on personal data collection;
  • Licenses to use content, etc.


  • Distribution and commercial contract litigation before all commercial courts: abrupt termination of established commercial relations, termination of commercial agency agreement, significant imbalance, delisting, unfair competition action, etc.
  • Defense of our clients in the event of legal action brought by the Administration or by consumers.