02.28 – Lawyer : Nahoko AMEMIYA – ENG

Ms. Nahoko Amemiya was born and raised in Japan, obtaining a LLM from Tokyo University and two Master’s degrees from the University of Paris (Panthéon Sorbonne and Paris Créteil).  She was admitted to the Tokyo Bar in 2012 and to the Paris Bar in 2021. Ms. Amemiya is a Japanese native speaker and she is totally fluent in French.

After 8 years of professional experience in Japan, where she worked with the Haruka Law Office, Tokyo Public Law Office and Meguro International Law Office, Ms. Amemiya decided, in 2020, to come to work and live in France. She joined Mandel & Associés as ‘Avocat Of-Counsel’ following her admission to the Paris Bar.

Ms. Amemiya provides clients with an expanded set of jurisdictional experience and knowledge.

Thanks to her dual experience in France and Japan, Ms. Amemiya is particularly well qualified to assist both our Japanese clients doing business in France and our French clients doing business in Japan to understand and solve the issues that arise from different cultures, ways of communication and working practices.

Ms. Amemiya has strong expertise in immigration law: she advises and assists Japanese and French companies for all immigration procedures in relation to the transfer of employees and executives (potentially with their families) to France and/or to Japan.

Ms. Amemiya has also a valuable experience concerning the resolution of French-Japanese family law disputes (including recognition of foreign divorces), as well as matters of international inheritance and estate planning.

Finally, Ms. Amemiya may assist clients, be it legal persons such as foundations or individuals regarding the acquisition or sale of real estate in France.

Ms. Amemiya will enhance Mandel & Associes’ services to our Japanese clients by communicating precisely their wishes and objectives and by drawing their careful attention to the effect of French rules and policy with the learned assistance of all the other Lawyers at the firm acting as Counselors or Litigators, depending on their needs. Likewise, she will assist our French or European clients to gain an insider’s perspective on doing business in Japan.