14.02 – Copyright, Media and Sport – ENG


Our firm has recognized expertise in copyright and media law, having acted as lawyer for artists, writers, directors, documentary filmmakers, audiovisual production companies, museum institutions, but also advertisers, video game designers, publishers and communication agencies.

We work both on traditional copyright issues and on more modern subjects such as the protection of content online, relations between press companies and online platforms, digital communication campaigns, etc.

We provide a full range of services to creative and media clients ranging from publishers to the film, music and video industries. We advise on all aspects of copyright and media-related matters and we also handle litigation, including IP claims and film, music and media disputes.

We work also with lawyers in other jurisdictions, especially in other EU Member States, to plan effective transnational publication and distribution of content and litigation strategies in case of IP disputes.

We also advise businesses and individuals active in sport.


  • Negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts: publishing agreement, production agreement, recording agreement, etc. ;
  • Advising clients in the music, art, film and publishing industry on dealing with disputes (including contract or royalty disputes), enforcing their rights in court and recovering sums due to them;
  • Clearing sensitive content;
  • Exploitation and defense of creative content online (video, music, literary, etc.).


  • Negotiation and drafting of all types of agreements ;
  • Acquisition, licensing and merchandising of IP rights, including digital content licensing;
  • Defense of the rights of our clients: drafting of warning letters to internet hosts, request for judicial blocking of audiovisual services illegally broadcasting sports competitions, action for infringement, action for unfair competition, etc.;
  • Proceedings for removing illegal content;
  • Proofreading of scripts and preventive viewing of audiovisual works to ensure their legal compliance;
  • Legal advice related to the contractual exploitation of the image of individuals;
  • Litigation relating to the unlawful use of the image of individuals;
  • Management of the contractual relations of our clients with collecting societies;
  • Support for press publishers in order to negotiate, with online communication platforms, their right to reproduce and distribute their press content.

Advertisement and sport

  • Advising our clients in setting up and monitoring their advertising and communication campaigns;
  • Audit and validation of our clients’ advertising campaigns, particularly in the alcoholic beverages sector;
  • Negotiation and drafting of sponsorship contracts with famous personalities;
  • Support for brand owners and influencers in connection with digital communication campaigns;
  • Legal defense of communication agencies and advertisers, in particular in the event of alleged infringement of third-party rights (image rights, trademark rights, etc.);
  • Advising sports federations, agencies and broadcasters on the creation, acquisition and exploitation of sports media rights;
  • Contractual arrangements in relation with sport: sponsorship, event broadcast production and sales, protection and exploitation of commercial rights in sport, and licenses for the use of sporting imagery.