Meeting between Japanese wine producers from Yamanashi (Japan) and Olivier Mandel

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Since 1978, the law firm Mandel & Associés has been well known as a specialist of French-Japanese business relationships. We advise Japanese investors for their development and projects in France and we represent French subsidiaries of Japanese mother companies, in various industrial sectors, as well as such Japanese organizations  as JETRO and NEDO (not to mention certain Prefectures).

Thanks to the relationships we have established with Japanese Lawyers, we may also act as « go-between » for our French clients wishing to trade or invest in Japan.

In addition to its commercial practice, our law firm is also specialized in intellectual property, especially trademarks and geographical indications.

Thanks to this happy double geographical and legal speciality, one of our partners, Olivier Mandel, had the chance to meet several Japanese wine producers during his second business trip to Japan wine country, in November 2015.

Since some years, the quality of Japanese wine has considerably improved and for the first time in 2013, a geographical indication for wine was legally established in Japan, the GI « Yamanashi ».

Today these wine producers with the Association Koshu of Japan (KOJ) seek to gain credibility and are willing to export their wines to Europe, after having pleased the palate of Japanese customers.

A meeting was organized on November 13 between the KOJ and Olivier Mandel in the city of Yamanashi, thanks to the efforts of Professor Teiji Takahashi of Tokyo University.

Olivier Mandel, who was invited as a speaker, explained to the many wine companies which were present the legal rules and general framework governing the export of wine to Europe and how these exporting companies can protect and promote their brands and GIs in Europe.

At the end of this meeting, Olivier Mandel was invited for a wine tasting of Koshu wine. 

Koshu is Japan’s most important indigenous grape variety. Approximately one thousand years ago, it travelled via the Silk Road from the Caucasus to China and finally to Japan. Koshu is very pale in colour, with delicate aromas of citrus and white peach. The combination of low alcohol and crisp acidity results in wines that are delicate and subtle, making them the perfect pairing for Japanese cuisine.